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Brief Biography of Gerald Armond Powell 

Gerard Armond Powell - also known as Jerry Powell – Born September 21st 1963 in Scranton Pennsylvania.

Jerry Powell offers an unlikely, and for that reason, all the more compelling success story.
Jerry was expelled from Pocono Central Catholic School midyear in the 10th grade. He then went to Pocono Mountain High School and dropped out during his senior year.

After leaving school, Jerry found work in the Pocono’s burgeoning vacation home market selling timeshares.  In this endeavor he met with some success. Despite a lack of formal education, Jerry learned as much as he could about direct sales on his own and worked successfully in Atlantic City, Philadelphia and Harrisburg.

Wall Street Journal

December 26, 2000, Small Business Suite

Plastic-Surgery Sites Struggle Despite Significant Benefits


Compared with selling, say, sofas over the Internet, flogging plastic surgery online makes perfect sense.

After all, privacy is one of the few proven ways to make money on the Web. Just consider the options facing someone thinking about a face-lift:

One: Schlep down to the nearest surgeon, and ask a complete stranger to illustrate how you would look with upgraded parts.

Two: Stay home (or stay at the office). Log onto the Internet and download “morphing” software. Then, scan in a picture of yourself and point-and-click your way to a new you. The Web site will then direct you to a local physician.  


What Price Advice?

When looking for financing, consider the expertise a value-added investor can offer.

By David R. Evanson | Entrepreneur Magazine - July 1997

Entrepreneur Gerard Powell attributes his success to a simple strategy: Take a product or service that is sold only to the wealthy and make it affordable to the masses.

Following this formula in the early ’90s, Powell parlayed a modest investment into a small fortune with his Y-Rent program, which allowed consumers to buy homes for no money down, with monthly payments not much higher than their rental payments.

So in late 1994 when Powell learned that cosmetic surgery was something only very wealthy consumers underwent, a light bulb went off in his head. He joined with partners Charlie Lynn and Vincent Trapasso in their fledgling venture, Cooperative Images Inc., which markets elective surgeries on behalf of physicians.