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Rent and Lease Domain Names & Vanity Phone Numbers

We specialize in creating a quality domain and vanity phone number rental and leasing situation that is geared to the success of your company on a transactional basis. It costs nothing upfront and we charge a small fee for every transaction that your company consummates. Marketing using our combinations of a domain and matching vanity toll-free number can increase response rates by as much as 30%.

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Specialized Investor in Consumer Receivables of All Types

We are direct purchasers and will consider purchasing almost any type of recurring payment stream with effective capital management. We will purchase both foreign and domestic receivables. If you have a transaction that is very hard to place we could be a likely purchaser.

We make it a point to look at all types of accounts receivable. Whether they are current, delinquent, or already charged off, it makes no difference to us. We are not brokers - we purchase receivables directly.




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